Sunday Sewing...maybe

Today is Sunday and my big plan for the day is getting clean clothes & enough socks in the kids drawers for the week. Exciting life, huh? I did an experiment last week, putting 5 pairs of socks in Jack's drawer to see if it could last him the school week. Didn't work - I have no idea why that boy needs more than 5 pairs of socks in 5 days. Total mystery.

My newest little freshie turns 1 on October 5. According to my Lillypie breastfeeding ticker up there, she is 11 months, 2 weeks and 6 days old today. And yes, she is still breastfeeding more than ever. We're not really having a big birthday party for her because of 3 of my kids being born in the month of October. I don't know how that worked out other than, I must be really fertile in the month of January. :)

We decided on just a family party on the real day and Dan's dad will be coming. Just our family alone makes for a decent party turnout. Part of me loves to do parties, the crafty Mama that I am,  but part of me just wants to do something big enough so we'll have pictures for her scrapbook of her eating her first birthday cake. We're going with the latter.

I thought I'd try my hand out in making her a first birthday party dress, being my attempt on her baptism dress didn't get finished and she ended up wearing madi's dress. I don't want her life to be a life of hand-me-downs for the big occassions. Perhaps I'll run out to JoAnn's today while my hubby is layed out on the couch watching football.

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