Finding Time to Sew?

So I finally stopped at Jo-Ann fabrics today in hopes of getting inspired to make Indy her first birthday party dress. I was thinking something frilly with lots of tulle, but my love of cordorouy took hold of me. There are the cutest cordorouy prints on sale right now at 40% off I just had to get some. Don't you hate though when you walk into Jo-Ann's so excited with your 40% off any regularly priced item coupon and nothing you want is actually regularly priced? I do.
So I fell in love with this print here. It's like a mauve pink and taupe. Kind of grown-up for a baby dress, but I think it's beautiful!

I am anti-pattern, well I became anti-pattern years ago because they are just so darn confusing. Then i ran across an adorable owl print that i want to use for a new dress for Madi Belle. I love that owls are so "in" right now because owls happen to be our school mascot. Owl cordorouy...love it.
I'll have updates on the dress progress once i get to it somehwhere around football practices, soccer practices, Odyssey of the Mind duties, breastfeeding, housework, laundry, & sleep (or lack therof). Time to make dinner...gotta go 

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