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My big boy arrived home safely and hungry! We had a little family party for him tonight and I made him a welcome home cake. Cheesy I know, but he & his brother & sister and cousin certainly enjoyed it! We bbq-d steak and Uncle Dave and Uncle josh came over too.

So, my kindergartner has not been eating much. She is so thin that I worry so. At school, she has no one to oversee her eating and her lunchbox has been coming home with untouched sandwiches. So I don't know how you all feel about bribing kids, but I need her to eat. She is really really skinny and some days I'm not sure if she ingests anything! So i promised her that every day she eats her sandwich at school, she will get a star. Five stars and she gets a small present. It is working. So today she earned her present. I got her a Teacher Barbie. Ugh - Barbies...that's a whole other issue, but she likes them.

While "Targeting" I wanted to get Ezrah a gift too, just because I missed him so much and got him a Lego set. Oh and then I have to get something for Jack. Such a vicious cycle. But hey we are partying tonight! Jack got a new version of Monopoly, a game he just loves, so we will be playing that tonight. My hopes are that it doesn't last as long as regular Monopoly!

So glad my big boy is home. I feel complete again!

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