Mama Groups & Co-ops

Mama Groups in the Fort

Fort Collins MOMS Club - You will find a great bunch of Mamas here! It's a great place to start if you are new to the Fort. I used to be involved with MOMS Club before they split into East/West groups and I had met so many friends that I still hold so dear. If you live East of Lemay check out Fort Collins MOMS Club East and if you are west of Lemay, check out Fort Collins MOMS Club West. 
 MOMS Club has weekly playdates, a moms night out, meal delivery to families with new little freshies, a babysitting co-op (babysitting swap), service projects that benefit our community, and monthly meetings with crafts or speakers on awesome topics.

Mother's Center of Fort Collins - Another amazing group of mamas! They provide: Weekly Playgroups, Babysitting Co-op, Local Outings, Monthly Family Socials, Moms’ Night Out, Dads’ Night Out, Book Club, Movie Club and more. MC meets at the Shepard of Hills Church, but is not affiliated with the church. They are a non-profit organization. They have Thursday playgroups at Cool Beans and MC members get free admission.

Preschool Cooperatives
A preschool co-op is another way to meet great groups of Mamas and spend time with your little monkeys. I am a big advocate of Fort Collins Preschool Co-op. The teacher, Mrs. Lori Bonemma is amazing, gentle and consistent in "Love & Logic" philosophy. Myself and all my kids went here and it is truly an amazing community with many like-minded attached parents. There are just 2 preschool cooperatives in Fort Collins.

Fort Collins Preschool Co-op - A non-profit, non-religious cooperative that gives opportunities to parents on a rotating basis to assist Mrs. Bonemma and be involved in committees. (970)- 221-1345

First United methodist Preschool Co-op - Teacher - Laura Lechtenberg
1005 Stover St. (970)-482-0343

Attachment Parenting & Preschool Co-opsI don't know why, but Mamas who philosophize (is that a word?) with attachment parenting seem to have their preschoolers go to co-ops. Practicing attached parenting as our babies grow is a little different than breastfeeding, babywearing, co-sleeping(well, maybe not this one) and being there when your baby cries.  As our little peanuts grow, we are still following our instincts as Mamas. We want to be involved in their education and guide them as they become social, independent people.
It's not like you go to preschool with your little peanut every day. It's actually a gentle process as they are becoming independent. And as you all know, attachment parenting has everything to do with raising self-confidence in your child by meeting ALL his or her needs, so that they grow to be come well-adjusted independent people with a high self-worth.
Preschool cooperatives are where you will find gentle-loving parents with similar ideals who practice gentle parenting. I know what you're thinking, "Are co-ops filled with crunchy, hippie parents?" Uh... NO. And I just want to add that you do not have to be a crunchy, hippie, dreadie. long skirt-wearing Mama to practice attachment parenting. Following your instincts as a Mama has nothing to do with what you wear or whether you brush your hair! It's a philosophy, without a rule book.  You follow your heart; you follow you child's lead. Yes, you may catch some boob sightings at the orientation from a breastfeeding Mama nursing their preschoolers siblings.  Okay, sorry for the ramble. Preschool Co-ops are good. Period.

Moms Like - This is a website ran by the Coloradoan or I should say by the corporate Gannett Newspapers. This website is great for local online forum discussion and they do have playgroups. Just an FYI: be careful when making a playdate with someone you meet online.

Now there are several mama groups on Facebook, but call me old-fashioned, but I like to hang with mamas face to face. No pun intended.

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