Last Camping Trip of the Summer

In about 3 hours, well in reality 4 hours, the family is off to our last camping trip in the Poudre Canyon. I have an awful sprained ankle. But I'm Mommy, so I will prevail! Two nights ago, I managed to step into a whole in our backyard and fall while I was calling Dan. In the next to minutes, Princess had my phone in her hand because it flew out of my hand and the phone was in the kiddie pool. So no phone yesterday as it was in a bowl of rice drying out.
The next 3 hours will consist of me making blueberry muffins, packing food, marinating chicken breasts and packing everyone else's stuff. I left this stuff until this morning because I was so darn tired last night. Sure, i'll wake up early enough and do it all. But here I am in the garage, drinking coffee and still tired. Someone once told me that to be a mom is to be tired. This pessimistic view is starting to ring true.
It's just a one-nighter but God-forbid I forget anything important. At east we don't have to look t houses. Even the one house that we are moving into, I STILL haven't even seen yet. Oh well, it is what it is.
Time to bake the muffins!

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