Black Ops Zombie Party

So I woke up early today to finish Jack's birthday cake for his sleepover tonight. I am now tweaking the cake's theme to not just a zombie cake (He wants everyone to come dressed as a zombie), but to a Black Ops Call of Duty (his favorite Wii game) zombie cake. i decided to make the zombies out of modeling chocolate, I'm not much of a sculptor, so luckily, if a leg falls off, it will be perfect because it's a zombie!

Saggy Cake Problem
So at 6am, I was melting some green chocolate and made the modeling chocolate by adding corn syrup. It had to sit for an hour, so I continued onto rolling out fondant (storebought this time) and covered the top tier. I put the top tier on and the bottom cake was not looking good.  I ignored the bottom sagging cake and cut out the top zombie out of fondant.

Indigo had a rough night, so of course I was the one feeling like a zombie, so thanks to my sweet hubby, I was able to take a 20-minute power rest. As I was laying there, my mind was racing about how I was going to fix the saggy cake, decorate the playroom, clean the house, and make the snacks.

Last-minute Change of cake
So with T-minus 4 hours until the party starts, I decided to change the entire structure of my cake because now the lower tier was major sag central. I really wanted this cake to look good.  With 3 1/2 hours until the little zombies arrived, I ran to Michael's with some ideas. I got some letter cutouts and a little more decorator icing.

I decided a Rice Krispie cake would hold up better with a cake on top and I could make that pretty fast. So that's what I did! I finally got to the fun part of sculpting the zombie to look just like the war zombies from the game, complete with brains protruding and holding a small lego gun (the only non-edible) and finally finished the cake with T minus 35 minutes and then cleaned like a mad woman until the zombies arrived.

Time to Clean
Not that the kids would care if cake crumbs and fondant pieces were all over the floor, but there was going to be parents dropping off, so I did need the house to look kind of clean. And I was looking like crap too - perfect for a zombie party, but I was the Mom, not a zombie, so i took a quick shower and dressed in my favorite Mom gear -flowered print button-down and my new Banana Rep jeans -which are a size 2, I must say. Please don't be jealous, first of all I think BP sizes run big and my breastfeeding daughter nurses like 24/7 and sucks everything out of me and because of this, there is no consecutive sleep more than 2 hours in my life right now -I digress, sorry). So I managed to clean and look like a normal Mom just as the doorbell rang with our first zombie guest! Whew!

I left the playroom decorating up to the boys and they did a great job. They set up the black light, hung the skull mural, and put up the orange flicker lights.

So Much Fun
The boys had a total blast! Dan hosted the whole party because I was just spent from the preparations. He did a bonfire with marshmallow toasting and a cool midnight lantern send-off. They jumped on the trampoline wearing glowsticks to the wee hours of the night. Our neighbors must love us.  They played Wii games, watched a comedy zombie movie, which was probably too scary, but Dan watched it with them, reminding the boys that it was just a movie. They were scared, but totally loved it.  I heard lots of screams and laughs from the playroom, but needed to take care of the girls.

And hey, we only had one kid vomit at about 2am, but I think it was just from too many sweets. It's morning now and that same boy is shooting Jack's big brother with a Nerf gun, so I'd say he's just fine. Nobody got there PJs on and I can bet there was no teeth-brushing either, but they had a blast.

Morning time with VERY tired zombies
I'm now about to start some homeade waffles for the boys and will be reminding their parents that they should definately take a nap today as I'm not sure anybody actually slept. The boys absolutely loved the black ops zombie cake and most importantly, Jack loved it so much and he had the best time with his favorite buddies at his 9th birthday black ops zombie sleepover party!

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  1. Just wanted to comment that I saw one of the zombie mamas at school pick-up and she said, "according to Wiley, that was the party of the century!"