Halloween Puppy, Ketchup, and Sushi

Well I'm down to the last minute on this sushi costume! And baby is not wanting to take her nap today! So as of right now, I have less than 2 hours to finish adding the rice to giant sushi costume. luckily I was able to finish the ketchup bottle costume and the free puppie costume yesterday in time for our church's fall festival. The 11-year-old sushi didn't care to dress up for that, so it was okay, however the school costume parade is starting in 1 hour and 45 minutes. i just cannot use a hot glue gun around my 1-year-old! Not a good idea. Here's where I'm at now...

So to make this costume. I took poster board, cut out a giant circle and duck-taped it to cardboard. I cut out arm and leg holes and stapled 2 pieces of fabric to hold up the circle and be an opening on top for his head. The salmon and avocado are made from felt which I hot glued on and cut in shapes to look like the sushi and avocado and carb meat. Currently I am hot glueing white packing peanuts as the rice. I also got a black tablecloth from Target and will line the cardboard to look like the seaweed wrap.

I must brag that my "free puppy" won first prize at the church fall festival costume contest!!!

To make this costume, I made a puppy costume, got an old box from the garage and duck taped her puppy stuffed animals inside. I'll take the one in the middle!

11/2/2011 Update...
Here's the finished sushi costume!

And here's my 3 little monkeys (we coudn't get the baby to sit still for the picture) just before heading out trick-or-treating! Madi ditched the free puppy box and was worried she might not get as much candy because she wouldn't be "cute" enough. hehe. What do you all think? :) She's got more candy than she knows what to do with!

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