Zombie Slumber Party - not the band

So my 2nd little boy, or not so little, is turning 9. As you all know I get very excited about planning themed parties and love to use my creative side to make them unforgettable. Well, no more Scooby-Doo or Elmo themed parties for this guy. He just wanted to have a sleep-over party. As I was making invitations, he says, "I have one request. I want everyone to come dressed as a zombie." Okay, there's our theme. A Zombie sleep-over party! So, I was googling some ideas for a zombie party and found out that there is actually a band called "Zombie Slumber Party". Oh perfect, I thought, we can play some songs at the party. Well I listened to some and well, no, we won't be playing any Zombie Slumber Party songs. What a terrible band IMO. These songs are inapproriate not only for a bunch of 9-year-olds, but inappropriate for any human being on the planet!
I looked up some zombie cake ideas and while gross, I think I can kick out a cool one. Boy, do I miss the Scooby Doo parties. I'll post more detail preparations for our zombie sleepover in a few...

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