Getting Tangled Up in Preparation

Okay, so I have 1 Rapunzel sun banner done. Boy am I glad I am the anti-procrastinator because these are taking forever! Jack showed some interest last night in cutting out some sun medallions so I put him to work! I stopped at Michaels on Sunday and got a few more supplies. We decided on paints for the party favor and I'm going to take off the packaging and add lables that say "Rapunzel Paints". I mean, Rapunzel had got pretty skilled at painting after being locked in a tower for 18 years!

So today I will be working on the banners. After seeing the movie, Madi saw that when Rapunzel and Eugene were at the kingdom there were also these garland with flowers hanging up and she said she wanted that too. So I grabbed some garland out from our Christmas decoration box and tied fake flowers onto to them, which I bought at the Dollar Store. So here's our decorations...

I got yellow yarn and I'm going to start braiding for hair extensions for the girls. I ordered the "floating lights" and am so excited for the kids to see those. That's goingt o be the highlight. Still no work on the tower cake, but my mind is racing with ideas. I'm picking my Mom up at the airport tomorrow night. I hope when she gets here she will be excited to help with the preparations. And she has got to see the movie Tangled when she gets here! She's super creative, so maybe she'll have some more ideas after she sees the movie!
Oh gosh, i have a poopy diaper to change...

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