countown to school

Jeez, feeling like a lot's going on. We've got school on 11 more days, Madi's birthday in 11 days, The amazing Rapunzel party in 9 days, my mom coming for a visit in 6 days. Being the anti-procrastinator that I am, all the school supply shopping is done, so that worry has left my brain. I actually had a dream, well more like a nightmare that I was school supply shopping and everything was sold out. God, the things Moms dream of!

All was bought so no worries. And I did a massive couping excursion for the school supplies at Target too. So much that the lady in line behind me said, "Wow, that is amazing - i need to start couponing."It totally gave me a high to save $62.43 on school supplies and everything else I bought that day. God, the things Moms get "high" on!

So I just wrote my To-Do list so I can get a visual on all the things I'm making for the Rapunzel Party. I've got a lot to do. I was thinking that a lantern send-off at the end of the party would be absolutely killer! Remember in the movie, that was Rapunzel's dream...to see the flying lights. That was one of the climaxes of the movie; how could we not do a lantern send-off??? It just wouldn't be a Rapunzel party without one. More later, have to get to the baby! Who, by the way only woke up twice during the night the past 2 days!!!! is there an end in sight to the constant nighttime wakings? Possibly, but I'm not getting my hopes up for it to be over anytime soon.

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