Mom's Taxi Service

So, okay. It is Monday and I have already done 4 trips of pick-ups and drop-offs today. Baby Indigo is such a good sport getting in and out of her carseat, whiuch she usually doesn't like.
Here's what the Mom taxi is...drop off kids at Odea Core Knowledge at 8:30. Pick up Madi Belle from kindergarten at 1:30 at Odea. Go back to Odea at 3:23 to pick up boys. Take Jack to football practice at 5pm and pick him up at 6:30 and dinner on the table by 7pm.
Tomorrow and every Tuesday, I have to somehow get Jack to football practice at 5 AND Madi to soccer practice at 5 at different parks. And I just volunteered to be the fundraiser coordinator for Jack's football team so I will have a meeting for that at 7pm tomorrow. Madness!!! And I also just volunteered to be Odea's Odyssey of the Mind coordinator. It's going to fun, but busy busy! And did I mention that Indigo is breastfeeding like every 20 minutes this week? :)

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