The Rapunzel Tangled Party

Well, the night before the party, I was super busy getting everything ready. So glad my Mom was in town for the occassion and  she helped with braiding the hair (yarn) for our little Rapunzels.This took a very "long" time!  Every girl (or boy if they wanted)was going to get a long braid to wear in their hair!

The night before, I got all the food and the things I needed to assemble the cake. No Rapunzel party would be complete without a cake tower! I'm not much of a cake decorator, but the cake was relatively easy! I bought a cake dowel and a stryrofoam round for the base. The morning of the party, I loaded glazed donuts and a blueberry muffin for the tower and a waffle cone with purple frosting for the top. Then I decorated with green icing the vines and grass around the tower. Then I made cupcakes and added flowers to decorate around the tower. No sweat!

And here again is a pic of our decorations I hung by our door, so they wouldn't get "tangled"
What's that tower you see? Well at Target the day before the party, my Mom and I found a regular princess castle pinata on clearance for only $5. It was a castle with 3 towers on it. So I cut off the outer 2 towers and created a Rapunzel tower. I covered it in butcher paper, spray painted it gold and added Madi's Rapunzel doll and a few extra touches to resemble her tower.

So the day of the party, which was at the park near our home. The food we served was baguettes and cheese because that's what Rapunzel and Eugene ate when they were at the kingdom on Rapunzel's birthday.

We found some "wanted Dead or Alive: Flynn Rider" posters online and Ezrah posted them on the trees, just like they were throughout the forest in the movie.

All the kids had a faboulous time and it was truly a great party! Madi my sweetie, totally loved every second of her Rapunzel party! At the end of the party, we did the lantern send off and it was amazing! All the kids...and adults too...were amazed! Of course, by that time I was so busy I forgot to get a picture of it! Oh and here's a quick picture of Madi's favorite present and the girls showing off their Rapunzel hair! It's so much fun having such a girly girl!

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