Summer's End

Ok so I never did have time to bake the blueberry muffins for the camping trip. It was a non-issue. We had a blast! Ezrah brought his friend Anthony. Check out our pics!
On the way up to Poudre Canyon! Yes, Jack is there, he is hiding.

Indigo and Madi roastin marshmallows!

Ezrah and Jack roastin marshmallows!

You can see a good glimpse of our campsite and there's Dan, stoking the fire

Here's the new tent we got this year! Check out the hanging peace lights!

Ezrah's helping out with dinner preparations! Oh we ate gourmet meals! It's so fun to really good awesome meals out in the wilderness.

Indigo and Madi looking cute

Mama Leigh making pancakes on a chilly rainy morning!

The kids eating pancakes in the rain! The rain let up shortly

Madi Belle posing for a picture!

This is the beautiful Poudre River. Our campsite was about 20 steps from here.

We heard the river all night and it was beautiful. I love Colorado! The best part about living in Fort Collins is that the Poudre Canyon is only about 1 hour from where we live.

My Madelyn posing again! She's wearing my headband and I must say she looks so cute in it!

This is before we left and Indigo and Indigo is waving goodbye to the Poudre River.

Beautiful Madi Belle

I can't tell which is more beautiful? Madelyn or the River?

Jack loooves the Poudre River and jumped off one of the big rocks so many times!

So there you have it! Our last camping trip this summer. It's now time to go get our school supplies, school clothes, haircuts (maybe), move to our new house in a few weeks. Plan Madelyn's birthday party, sign Jack up for football, sign Madi back up for ballet classes, rent Ezrah a new trombone for band, and potty train Indigo. Back to the grind as we say! It's not really a grind though. I love taking care of my big family. I love shopping, so school supplies and school clothes aren't a chore. Potty training Indigo isn't a big deal because after years of experience I realized that it's silly to start potty training until they are ready. And then when they are ready (which she finally is), it's a breeze. She hasn't wet her undies once in a week and it's the first time she's ever worn them! I am looking forward to them starting school. It's so nice and quiet in the day when they're gone. It's easier to keep the house clean and did I mention how quiet it is? I can actually get together with my friends for coffee in the day. Oh and I don't have to try to keep them busy when they constantly say, "Mom, I'm bored" every few minutes. Soon they'll be complaining about too much homework. 

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