2 Days to Make 3 Costumes

Halloween is just 2 days away.  I didn't mean to procrastinate on costumes this year, but 3 of my kids have birthdays in October and well, I am just recovering from the emotional, financial, and creative overload.
So the only costume that is storebought is my baby girl 1-year-old. She's going to be a little froggie and I picked up that costume from Once Upon a Child last month. It's an adorable Old Navy costume and she is going to be cutest froggie in the Fort Collins Tiny Tot parade, if not, the world.

My older kids have way more complex costumes. Ezrah wants to be a giant piece of sushi, Jack wants to be a bottle of ketchup and Madi wants to a puppy.

Not just a simple puppy costume
Not just any puppy I might add. It was my overzealous idea for her to be a 'free puppy" coming out of a cardboard box with a bunch of her stuffed animal puppies.
Today I am sewing up that puppy costume. i would have been okay with buying a puppy costume, but the stores are totally sold out of everything and me being a glutton for punishment, part of me wants to sew it anyway!

The sushi costume
The sushi costume needs to be crafted. It will be a giant circle wrapped in a black tablecloth (the seaweed) and I will glue white packing peanuts as the rice. I got salmon colored felt to be in the center, just as you guessed it, the salmon, and light and dark green felt to be the avocado and cucumber.

Human bottle of ketchup
My little ketchup bottle boy is actually pretty easy. I got some awful red vinyl from the clearance section at JoAnn's that is perfect. I can just staple that together and it will just be a simple shift of red with a replica of the Heinz ketchup label. Not too hard, but will still take up some of my precious time.

Easy 11-year-old party
Today my son is going to the movies with his buddies to celebrate his birthday. Luckily he is too "cool" for me to do anything creative for this celebration, so I have time to do these costumes.

Oh yeah, I have a baby!
But wait, I don't really have time to make costumes. I have a clingy 1-year-old who breastfeeds constantly! And if she's not nursing, I have to keep a constant eye on her because she is just the princess of havoc, getting into everything.  So breaking out the sewing machine has to wait until baby is down for nap. This baby is obssessed with wires and anything electronic (and obssessed with ME for that matter) so I cannot do anything that doesn't involve her, let alone using a sewing machine. Let's pray for a long nap today!

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