First B-day Recap

So my little sweetie is officially one. Her party was so sweet. Nothing too extravagent, but a sweet celebration. The in-laws came and my best friend, Indy's godparents and their 4 kids also attended. So with my 4 kids and their 4 kids, that makes for a huge party! We had a lot of fun! My video camera was not working and I can't tell you how bummed I was about that. I guess I've been letting my boys use it on their own too much and well, they inevitably break everything! Her dress was magnificent, if I don't say so myself. I made it! First I wanted to do something frilly with tulle, but I just fell in love with this gorgeous mauve and tan cordorouy fabric.

 And I was thinking that I don't think Indy is such a frilly kind of dress girl anyway. I wanted to be sure she wasn't wearing Madi's frilly first birthday party dress and wanted her to wear something that suited her.
I attemped a 2-tiered cake and it came out pretty good. If you've read my previous post, I made the fondant homeade with marshmallow and confectioner's sugar. And I will never do that again. Let's just say i didn't plan on having that many flowers on it, as I used the flowers to cover up the flaws. When i asked Dan how it looked, he said "It looks like a beautiful homeade birthday cake you made with love". He's so sweet, but I know that was code word for "looks like crap." He's so sweet, isn't he? :)

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