This day 11 years ago...

...I became a Mama! Taking a step back from the night weaning chronicles,today is all about my oldest kid. Today is his 11th birthday and my anniversary of becoming a Mama!  So in the life of an 11-year-old, there is a lot going on, between hormones, and the need to "fit in". He's as tall as me now.
He wants to be like his friends, which is normal I know. Last week after one of his buddies came over, I heard some banging around in his room. A lot of banging around. I see him coming out of his room with lots of bags and boxes heading for the trash.
Mama: "Ezrah, what on earth are you doing?"
Ez: "Mom, my room needs to be more age appropriate. I hate my room."
Mama: I mmediatly said, "You are so right Ezrah. let's change it" as I am bathing baby I am thinking,  "How could I let this happen? I've been so wrapped up in baby, I absolutely forgo my pre-teen's son's need to be "cool"?"
This poor kid, has had his friends over. They have cell phones, cool posters and playstations and he's got a Finding Nemo light switch plate and his brother's bedding has firetrucks on it.

So, for his birthday, I am surprising him with a big kid room. He started painting a dark blue stripe across covering the mint green and white nursery-style stripe that was already there. he hates his bunkbeds, so his dad took a hacksaw to it. I got a lot of ideas from ezrah, so he kind of knows that his room will be different when he comes home from school today. His room has been off limits for a day now while I work on it, so he know something's up.
Finally after sweat and tears and shopping, it's done. And it looks awesome.

The Unveiling
When he came home from school, he immedietly ran to play with the gift he opened in the morning...an ipod Touch. That's right. This kid has the coolest piece of electronic equipment out of any person in the household, including me and Dan. He walked into his room, ipod in hand, looked up and was like "ahhh" It was a happy "ahhh".
So his room is now "age appropriate" and he's loving it!!! He's hanging out in his room with his new ipod Touch as I write this. I'm glad he's happy. I'm sad he's growing up. He also has his own cell phone now too that he also got for his birthday. That's right, he's 11 years old and has a cell phone. I didn't get a cell phone until I was 33 and it was on my Mom's family plan. All his friends have cell phones, and now he FINALLY (as he puts it) has one.
He's a good kid. He deserves it. My baby boy is growing up! I'll post the pics soon!

Update 10/27
I just wanted to update that this morning I awoke with Ezrah in my bed! Actually all 4 were sleeping in my room, but the youngest 3 always sleep with me. So, is he growing up? Maybe not as fast as I think. He's still my baby I guess! I'll take whatever I can get!

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