Adventures in Night Weaning -Night 2

 I am ready to climb Mt. Everest or at least do the laundry...which, let me tell you, is pretty comparable in size.
So, now I am completely confused! Guess what Indy did last night? That little monkey slept! That's right, she actually slept! Don't get me wrong I am not complaining here. Maybe the Universe doesn't want us to night wean.

She woke up once or twice only. My plan was to continue with the first part of Dr. Jay Gordon's night weaning method. I was to nurse a little, then  let her fall asleep not on the boob. Well, she fell asleep too fast when we nursed. Is it a fluke? Probably.

 I am excited about today as I actually feel well-rested! Maybe I will take the kids on a bike ride! Maybe go to the park! Maybe I can clean the house! Maybe I can get clean socks in my kids' drawers for the week!
The possibilities are endless! I forgot what it is like to feel normal!

So Night 2 on our night weaning adventure is pretty boring, but so thankful that baby Indy and I feel so good today!

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