The Family Bed

Yes, we did own a crib back in the day before we knew about the benefits of co-sleeping. It was a pretty nice laundry storage and stuffed animal storage for a while. Ezrah did sleep in it when he was a babe a little, but it was like he started out in the crib, then after his first night waking would just come to bed with Dan and I so I could nurse easily.
So, these days I pretty much have both girls in my bed. Our bedroom has become the family room. Storytime, naps, nursings and diaper changes all happen right here. In fact, Indigo was born on this bed! Sweet hubby takes the guest room (romantic, huh?) because he can't take the baby waking and is working 2 jobs and really needs his sleep. Although today I awoke with Ezrah in our bed too and yesterday Jack was in there horizontally. I decided to take action for reasons of comfort and I threw decorim out the window. Here's what our room look s like now....

That's Ezrah's old crib mattress I brought out from the shed. The floor bed is open to anyone who wants it. And the wanna-be interior designer inside me is cringing a little. No, it's not pretty, but neither is my naked tummy after 4 kids. But it makes me so happy to have all my kids feel welcome at night. It just feels right. I mean, who wants to sleep alone? Why do we expect kids and babies to sleep alone?

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