I Almost Didn't Get My Hug!

He's gone. I got him everything he wanted to go on the Eco-Week trip and he's gone. Ezrah, my 5-th-grader, probably arrived at Pingree Park right now and is eating his lunch. I promised him I wouldn't put an "i love you" note in his lunch bag, but now I'm regreeting that decision. I promised him I  wouldn't put his favorite blankie inside his sleeping bag, and I'm regretting that promise too.

When I dropped off my kindergartener when the bell rang, I went to Ezrah's class to give him an official Mommy goodbye. Oh no! It was too late! The announcements had started and he was at his desk and all the kids were quiet and listening to the announcements with excitement on their faces. They all had their daypacks and a huge pile of luggage and sleeping bags were outside the classroom door. I went up to him and said quietly, "so can i have a hug goodbye?" I get a one-armed half hug from him. Not sufficient. So, I go to leave, but couldn't.

I was standing by the door and near Mrs. Carmody's desk and I whispered to her "He wouldn't give me a reaL hug goodbye". She screams out "Ezrah, go outside with your Mother!" We went outside and I got my hug! Yes, i was teared up, but didn't full out cry until I was walking back to my car. My boy is growing up and I need to accept it. I was worried about this trip changing him, but now I'm thinking that it's changing me.

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