Getting Nothing Done

Well I'm getting some things done, but I cannot seem to manage all my errands. Perhaps my list is too long, perhaps the morning nap with Indigo is not helping, or perhaps life with 4 kids is too much. Today I had on my list to get an oil change, buy shoelaces, batteries and coffee, get a library book for Jack, drop off donations, bring paperwork to lawyer...( oh have I mentioned I have a bench warrant out for my arrest because of a 4-year-old bill that never got paid to PVH? Really, I guess you can go to jail because of unpaid bills), stop at Trends, my neighbor's shop because I said I would.

Ok, what did I get accomplished? My first mistake was stopping at Target for batteries, shoelaces, and coffee. That took way to long because of course I have to stop at the clearance stuff. And while at Target, i added to my list of a birthday present for Carter from Madi's class from party we missed last weekend. Then I was like, okay, let me stop home so I can wrap it so I can bring it to his Mom when I pick up the kids at school. So here I am, blogging on that very trip. I got the present wrapped and now I'm at my computer with 23 minutes until the bell rings. I did get the library book though! Once I pick up the kids, I get nothing done. Tomorrow's another day, right?!

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