He Luvs Football

Well i've got a football lover. My 3rd-grader, Jack is in his first year of playing football. As a Mom, football wasn't my first choice, but my goal as a parent is let my kids make choices to be who they do what they want to do. My gut wrenches when I see him get tackled or tackle another kid, but I am happy he is on a team and is playing sports. I know that football is a lot about passion.

Passion is where it's at. If you aren't passionate about things, how can you experience true joy? I didn't realize Jack loved this game until I read his Coach's email today recapping this morning's game. Here's an excerpt...

"But the best highlight of the day for me was in the huddle. We run the Popcorn Trap with Ryker playing RG. He pulls to the left and gets to "trap" block the DE... undoubtedly one of the most fun and exciting blocks to do in football. Today, I called the trap in the huddle, and Jack was at RG. He got the biggest grin on his face. Ryker was on his way in to sub him (unfortunately)... but I loved the look on Jack's face. He couldn't contain his enthusiasm to crush the DE. He'll get his chance next week! I loved that look of thrill that came over his face when presented with an opportunity to crush and unsuspecting DE. It's at those moments when I know that "the love of the game" is sinking in on that player... and I know that I am doing my job.

So if he gets hurt, I will have to live with it. Not letting my 8-year-old play football in hopes of his little body staying safe is like not letting him ride a bike in fear of him falling down. It's like being afraid to love for fear of getting your heart broke. you just can't not let your kids live their life no matter how old they are. I'm so proud of my boy and he looks so darn cute in all his pads and helmet! Oh and another football Mom said that she read that if your kid plays sports and have dinner as a family just once a week, they are 70% less likely to do drugs. I can handle that.

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