My Honey's B-day

yay! Today is my honey, Dan's birthday! The kids are just having so much fun this morning celebrating with him! Parents' birthdays are so great for the kids. It's an important lesson to learn about celebrating someone else. Young kids are so wrapped up in their "self" that's it's nice to see them celebrating their dad.

I just made his fave breakfast - eggs benedict.  Last night we went out to dinner for the family birthday party at Red Lobster and tonight Dan wants to get a babysitter. We are still working on that as 2 girlsI called have already told me they can't do it. Mind you, getting a babysitter still means that we will go out with baby Indigo. She's still not ready for a sitter because she just loves "the boob" all the time.  My BFF, Susie said she'll watch the kids but I feel bad to rely on her. She's already got 4 kids of her own and she already does so much for us. I'll figure it out.

Well baby needs her nap now so i have to cut this one short...

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