APing the older kids

Well Attachment parenting is basically a very easy approach when taking care of our babies. Really it's just following your instincts. Meeting their needs in the most basic way. APing the older kids is much more of a challenge; it takes some skill. As a mama of 4, I am feeling like there just isn't enough of me to go around. I aim to change that. Just because I have baby Indigo and am APing her, doesn't mean my older kids should suffer any neglect of my parenting style. Let's take a look at what exactly attachment parenting is from Dr. Sears who coined the AP approach: The 7 "Bs"
  •  bonding
  •  babywearing
  •  breastfeeding
  •  bedsharing
  •  belief in the language of baby's cry
  •  beware of baby trainers, and balance
So attachment parenting isn't something you ever stop. I mean, what's the cut-off day? Obviously breastfeeding has a cut-off point and no, I don't BF my 8 & 10 year-olds. So what I aim to do is to adapt the Bs with  my older kids. I am going to explore how I can adapt these approaches to my growing children. Let's start with bonding.

Obvioulsy "birth bonding" is what happens naturally when you stare into your baby's eyes for the first time and they lovingly look back at you and magic starts to happen. Love is instant and love is tangible.
How can I continue to bond every day? Can I hold my 10-year-old in the fetal position? Well, I would, but chances are, he'll start laughing and think that was very weird.  I think some alone separate time with Mommy will help to extend the bonding. I am going to start "dates with Mommy" where each of my kids will have some alone time with Mom. Maybe I'll take them out for ice cream, or the movies, or even just helping with homework.  "Bonding is a series of steps in your lifelong growing together with your child"

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