First broken bone of our kids!

We had our first broken bone of our kids! Probably not the last, but at least we know are kids are getting outside to play! Just a few weeks ago I was worried that we hadn't had any broken bones yet. Are the kids playing too many video games? Are they not playing outside enough? As a Mom, I can always find something to feel guilty about! He's fine though and loves having his friends and family sign his cast.

Indigo is almost sitting up with the help of a boppy. She's still BFing away and doesn't show much interest in solid foods yet. She is NOT sleeping through the night and in fact, is waking up more now than when she was a newborn. I have discovered "5-Hour Energy" drink and I am swearing by it!
Madi is as sassy as ever...Jack is as sweet as ever. baby's up from nap...gotta go!

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