I'm missing a chicken carcass

yeah, you read that right. I'm missing a chicken carcass. I just got home from parent-teacher conference with Madi belle's preschool teacher. All was well. After that, the girls and I did a little shopping at BB&B and got a new area rug and a toothpaste dispenser. I'll talk about that later. Let me get back to the missing chicken carcass. So we get home and I had to run and nurse Indy because she was hungry. So when I came out of the bedroom, I walked into the kitchen and my garbage was strung across the floor, complete with coffee grounds everywhere. I have a weird thing about used coffee grounds; its just gross. My dog, Breezy is to blame obviously. So last night I made a delicious dinner with the main course being a whole chicken flavored with fresh rosemary. Well last night I threw out the carcass in a Target bag and stuffed it in my trash.
Mind you, I asked Jack to take out the trash several times last night. Now, me practicing my "Love & Logic" techniques, I am not supposed to do his chore or remind him (even though I did several times). But mainly if I do take out the trash, he will need to pay me for doing his chore, with either money or one of his toys.
Well the trash stayed. I'm just too busy and never took it out and walla! The Target bag lays ripped on the floor with no chicken carcass anywhere! I looked for it, but perhaps she ate the whole darn thing! Is she going to be okay? She obviously didn't choke, but jeez. I should probably call the vet, but let me keep looking around tyhe house for it. So gross.

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