Prepping for Easter

Having a lot of kids around any holiday is just so much fun! It makes all the sleepless nights, broken arms, whining, tantrums, sore nipples(sorry TMI there), etc.  all worth it. To see your kids so excited to wake up in the morn to see that Santa came, or in tomorrow's case, the Easter bunny!

So, unlike Christmas, Dan and I don't really go "all out" for Easter, present-wise. Easter is about the chocolate. Oh and of course the day our savior, Jesus rose from the dead. But back to the chocolate. So everybody does it different, but in our house, the EB (Easter bunny) hides chocolate eggs all over the house and each kid gets a basket of goodies complete with a chocolate bunny. My kids absolutely LOVE searching for chocolate eggs and "the Easter bunny" has a really fun time hiding them all in such creative places! Of course there are some tears when the older kids find so many more than the younger ones.

To offset this, the EB also hides chocolate eggs in their bedrooms and the bedroom eggs only belong to that kid's particular bedroom. They'll be hidden in shoes, underwear drawers and such. The kitchen is super fun because there are lots of fun places to hide the eggs. (EB told me so)

I don't believe in those pre-made baskets and I, I mean EB likes to make them himself. So I did forget to get fake grass for their baskets, but just as well, because that grass gets everywhere. I'll just bottom them out with some green tissue paper I have on hand. 

There will be a chocolate bunny in each, except for baby Indigo, she's getting a pink baby sock monkey. We've Cadbury caramel eggs for all and Reeses eggs for all (unless I get to those late night tonight). Madi got a barrel of monkeys, a new bathing suit, and sidewalk chalk. Jack's getting this watch he really liked that can go under water and has a lot of gadgets on it. Ezrah's getting a cool kite and a spin catcher thing. Maybe the kite should be for all of them, because as I'm writing this i'm not sure these baskets are going to be even. The EB will figure it out. He's a smart little bunny.

I better get these monkeys in bed so EB can come!

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