The Family Bed Gets Bigger!

So finally, Dan and I got our new bed! It's a king, so sleeping with the kids can be way more comfortable. For those of you who don't know, since Indy was born, Dan has been in guest room most nights because I bed-share with Indigo and basically nurse her all night. And Madi likes to get in there too...most nights.  So now there's room for us all!
Last night was our first night sleeping in it! We got such a great deal. It's an organic pillow-top mattress too! I answered a craigslist ad for a new organic mattress and the guy gave us the address and it was a storage unit filled with brand new mattresses and furniture! My first thought was that these mattresses were "hot", but I think this guy just doesn't pay for retail space and just sells them out of a storage unit. Thus, the cheap price.  He has a business card and everything..The Sleep Broker. So, late last night we set it up and just HAD to sleep on it, so we went for a late night Target run and got king sheets and all the fixins. We stopped for sushi too! BTW, Mt. Fuji has great sushi but terribly slow service. By the time our sushi came, I was walking around with Indy in the Ergo and had to eat standing up because everytime I sat, she was fussy. Hence, the conversation evolved into Dan scheduling a vasectomy appointment.
 I'd like to say I had the best sleep of my life in our new king bed, but I do have a teething 6-month-old and nurse her  on demand, so...yeah...

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