happy easter

Well Indigo was up a lot last night. Basically she nursed the whole night. Latch on...latch off...latch on...latch off. Pretty tiring. I was so tired I missed my kids egg hunt! Bummer, but I know they had fun because as I was laying with Indigo I hear "There's one!...Over here!...Look another one!" We are gearing up to go to church and then over to Dan's parents house in denver for a yummy Easter dinner. Dan's stepmom always does beautiful Holidays. She is like Martha Stewart and holidays are always so picture-perfect. I need to iron the girls' Easter dresses and the boys' shirts. I have no idea what I'm wearing. I'm still planning on making pancakes for the fam as soon as I get my butt away from the computer and finish this yummy cup of coffee. 

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