A Breastfeeding Vacation

Today I am in bed and trying to get my milk supply up. It seems to be down the past few days just because I'm so busy running around all the time with the kiddos. So I declared a breastfeeding emergency and I'm staying in bed and nursing Indy all day. The rest and extra nursing sessions should get my milk back up...hopefully!
Problem is I feel like I'm neglecting Madi, so I just invited her into the bed with me and Indy and we're watching Tangled. again.

So, in reference to APing the older kids I wanted to get back to that. I decided to not be so structured about how to incorporate the "B"s. Attachment parenting is just a mindset. The mindet in meeting your child's needs in a loving, prompt and gentle way. So this means for my older guys, yeah, I can't wear them in a sling, can't breastfeed them, sometimes, co-sleep with them, but really just being for them in every way I can. So how to?
Listen. Just as listening to baby's cries and going to them, I vow to listen to my kids words more. They have so much to say and express. I will listen to every word they say. And be there for them when they want to talk.

Touch. Just like holding and wearing your baby is so important, I sometimes forget that cuddling with my older kids is still important. Cuddling while watching a movie works. Lots of hugs work. Holding hands while crossing the street works. Just some ideas. I felt as I got older, I didn't get much "touch" so I vow to still cuddle.

Gotta go nurse again. I'm still working on this so I'll be back to talk more about APing the older kids soon

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