Indigo did another projectile poop on me today. Got all over my pants. i was changing her on my bed and in the process of changing her diaper and was lifting her legs. Well I guess she wasn't done pooping and more poop shot out. it literally shot out and hit my jeans. I was sitting criss-cross applesauce on the bed. And this was breastmilk poop, which if you don't know, is watery and yellow. Looks like I ate a hot dog and the mustard spilled out on my jeans.

So, the summer countdown is on! You know when field day rolls around and water play day at the preschool comes, summer is fast approaching. Strike 1 for Mom. Boys said they should've got hot lunch today because on field day they do a big barbeque and my poor boys had to eat their packed lunches. I didn't know! I told them we'd bbq for dinner tonight but they doen't seem to be appeased with that.

I have to finish my food shopping for the week and boys totally don't want to go. I did so much running around with errands today that I have to go do it now. I can't blame them I guess, they had a long day at school. Dan says to leave them home, but I'm just not comfortable with that. I 'm sure they'll be okay, but it's not my style. But it IS my style to listen to them and meet their needs and they want to stay home.  Maybe just this once.  Time to go have fun couponing!

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