Latch On. Latch Off. Latch On. Latch Off.

Well Indy did better last night, but seriously, the latching on and off is crazy!  So she woke up probably 3 or 4 times, that I noticed. She'll nurse laying down next to me and then after a few minutes, she'll de-latch, then latch again, and over and over. I just cannot sleep like that. But I did fall asleep at like 9pm last night, so I'm not too tired today.

I'm volunteering at Madi's school today. She goes to a preschool co-op and today they are putting on Mother's day tea! They are going to serve the moms the cookies they made and serve us tea! It's so cute and special! Indido is going to my friend, Liz's house when I'm at the school. I'm a little nervous because she doesn't do too great when me or Dan aren't around. I have only 3oz of breastmilk for her, but it will be only a few hours, so hopefully she'll be okay if I give her a good nursing before I drop her off.

Gotta finish getting the kids ready for school....

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