APing the older kids part 3

APing older kids. Okay, in my quest to learn and practice attachment parenting with my older kids, I thought of another way I can practice it. Remember attachment parenting is a mindset; meeting the needs of your child in a loving and gentle and prompt way.

As discussed, super easy with babies (well  not easy, but doesn't take much skill, just patience and following your natural instincts. ) And was our kids grow older, attachment parenting requires thought and skill; also patience!

So a new way to implement APing my older kids is to BE ON TIME when picking them up from school or practice or friend's house, whatever. This I need to work on. This is part of the "trust cycle".  Just as babies learn that parents can be trusted to come to them when they need to be comforted in the night, or change their diaper, or nurse, they are learning that the world is a good place. They learn that people can be trusted, they learn that they are important enough to be loved. So, when kids are waiting to be picked up from school or wherever, the trust cycle continues. They learn that they are important and that people can be trusted when Mommy is on time!

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