Happy Mother's Day!

I may not be able to not change any diapers on Mother's Day, but I'm going to TRY to resign myself to no housework tomorrow, so today I'm trying to make up for it. Kids still need clean clothes for the week, so I'm working on it. And it's been easier since I gave up cloth diapers, so less laundry anyway. But somehow still a lot of laundry!

I just baked a banana bread. It's smelling up the house beautifully! It's the one thing that Madi eats alot. That girl eats like a bird. I don't like pushing food on her because that kind of has the opposite effect. So I try my best to make things that she will eat.

So I've been trying my hand out in couponing. The show Extreme couponing has been inspiring. I actually got 16 bottles of body wash for free the other day. Yesterday I saved 46% of my food bill. I'm also trying to track what I'm saving on coupons since I started. I'm considering it my "salary" that I'm bringing in.

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