April 17 2010
As you can read above, we had our first broken bone of our kids! Probably not the last, but at least we know are kids are getting outside to play! Just a few weeks ago I was worried that we hadn't had any broken bones yet. Are the kids playing too many video games? Are they not playing outside enough? As a Mom, I can always find something to feel guilty about! He's fine though and loves having his friends and family sign his cast.
Indigo is almost sitting up with the help of a boppy. She's still BFing away and doesn't show much interest in solid foods yet. She is NOT sleeping through the night and in fact, is waking up more now than when she was a newborn. I have discovered "5-Hour Energy" drink and I am swearing by it!
Madi is as sassy as ever...Jack is as sweet as ever. baby's up from nap...gotta go!

Feb 26 2011
For anyone who actually reads my Mom blog, sorry I haven't written for a while. My dad and brother, Jonathan were visiting from NY 2 weekends ago and last weekend, Dan's Mom visited.
It was so nice to see my Dad and Jonny. It was their first meeting with baby Indigo! Of course, they are in love with her! And my gosh, Madi Belle did not leave Pop's side. What amazed me was that Indigo, who has been having "separation anxiety", meaning crying when someone other than me or Dan holds her, didn't even cry with my Dad or Jonny! I guess she knows she's in good hands. I was loving that.
So check for pics on Indy's baptism. It was so beautiful. On the dress I had been making for her, well, it never got finished. I don't know why I give myself all these extra things to get accomplished. Must be the "supermom do it all" complex I've got going on. She wore the dress Madi Belle wore and really, that is a beautiful gown. It really is. She looked exactly like Madi in the gown! Beautiful! Click on INDIGO MARIA tab above for pics.
Indigo got her ears' pierced! She looks so beautiful! Many people have said when Madi got earrings at 4 months and now with Indy, "how could you pierce ears on such a young baby?". Well, it's my baby! I would say, why do you inject your baby with disease and aluminum at only 2 months? Yes, aluminum is in virtually all vaccines. Why do you mutilate your son's penis at birth?
Getting off track here...anyway, Indigo looks so pretty!!!

Ezrah has been sick the past few days. Gosh, it's so hard to see a 10-year-old sick, but in a way it's really nice to take care of him. He's missing his basketball game today but Jack is playing at his game today. I am a little freaking out because I'm worried about baby catching whatever is going around. When 1 gets sick, they all get sick. We are delaying Indy's vaccinations, if she gets any at all, so I just want to be sure she stays well.
Ezrah's been asking for a cell phone? What the..? he's 10-years old!!! Apparently "everyone" in 4th grade has one. I don't know about this.
My mom & dad left yesterday on a romantic vacation to celebrate their anniversary! They are re-creating their original honeymoon! That is so romantic! I hope they're having a wonderful time! If dan & i tried to re-create our honeymoon, we would be watching tv in a hotel room in Rutland, VT with a 6-month old baby! :)

Indy's up from her nap...gotta go~!

Jan 28
Whew! It's Friday! Crazy week it has been since basketball practices has started for the boys. The days have been so full.
So I've decided to make Indigo's christening dress. Madi's gown is so beautiful but I think they should each have their own. Maybe they want to give it to their own daughters one day. Plus I love to sew and have some really cool designs stirring in my mind. I swear if you look at Christening dresses online, they all look the same. I got some Dupioni silk and I found this really cool ribbon that is actually blue! So I'm going to add a little color on the empire waist and the bonnet. It's going to be really beautiful -I just hope that the gown will actually look like the design I drew and what I'm envisioning. I hear Indy through the intercom-gotta go nurse & I promised Dan I would visit him at work this morning, so I better get in the shower. That Indy is so sweet, she doesn't even cry when she wakes from her naps - she's just in there cooing right now! Love that baby!
Jan 26
Too tired to write. Gotta getto bed. Indigo was up quite a bit last night and cluster feeding. Ugh..walking zombie mama. Had a good time on Madi's field trip to the fire station today though
Jan 25
well i cannot believe how busy we were yesterday. At the end of the day I was like burnt crispy toast. Ezrah did amazing at the spelling bee! When he got out there were only like 5 or 6 kids left. And he got out on a bunk word too....scentless. What kind of word is that? Don't we say fragrance free? Honestly though I was absolutely gushing with pride for Ezrah yesterday. And this is why and what I learned...he was a little sad when he got out, but within a minute, he started rooting for his good friend, Thomas (who did win by the way). I realized at that moment that I couldn't be prouder! I mean I was literally crying! He made me so proud to see him cheering for his friend after he got out and after days of studying so hard. If he won the national spelling bee I couldn't imagine being prouder of my son at that moment.
so after that it was about 45m till the bell rang, so I just brought the boys home early from school. By the time we got home, it was eat, then take Jack to basketball practice. That was over after 5 and we headed home. I made tacos for dinner. Got everybody ready for bed, made lunches, cleaned the kitchen, and got in bed by 10. I was beat. It was a busy day. At it again today because Ezrah has basketball today after school.One thing I wanted to mention is some "baby-haters" I encountered when we first got to the spelling bee! Indy made a little fussy sound before it started and some old parents in front of me said "Oh no". And gave me a dirty look. The father was consoling the wife that it would be okay. What, was I supposed to not go to the school spelling bee because Ezrah has a baby sister? I don't think so! She didn't make a peep during the rest of the time, btw. It just reminded me of being on an airplane with a baby. I wanted to just rip into these people, but I am a nice person, so I didn't.  Indy's needing me now so I have to go BF her. I have to clean too and embark on another busy day!
Jan 23
Happy Sunday! Dan's off today and we're geared up to watch some football. I'm making a spiral ham today and hope to find a good recipe for a brown sugar glaze. We're skipping church today, being it starts in 10 minutes and I'm still in my PJs. I have to do a food shopping this morning as Ezrah eats us out of house and home. I always feel bad when he says "Mom, there's no food!". Just to clarify, there is food, we're just out of snacks he can grab by himself. I'm pretty psyched as tomorrow is Ezrah's big spelling bee at his school. If he wins, he'll go to district, then state, then national! We are studying hard!
Both boys start basketball practice next week and I'm kind of dreading all the driving around with the girls. But I'm glad they are keeping busy! Madi wants to start tap dance school and being I started when I was her age, I really want to get her into it. But boy, is dance school expensive these days! She has a pair of tap shoes she wears around the house! I'm going with her on her feild trip on Wed to the fire station! She's pretty excited. Indigo is just doing her thing. Putting stuff in her mouth and being a sweetie. Wish me luck on that spiral ham today.

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