Family visits

For anyone who actually reads my Mom blog, sorry I haven't written for a while. My dad and brother, Jonathan were visiting from NY 2 weekends ago and last weekend, Dan's Mom visited.
It was so nice to see my Dad and Jonny. It was their first meeting with baby Indigo! Of course, they are in love with her! And my gosh, Madi Belle did not leave Pop's side. What amazed me was that Indigo, who has been having "separation anxiety", meaning crying when someone other than me or Dan holds her, didn't even cry with my Dad or Jonny! I guess she knows she's in good hands. I was loving that.
So check for pics on Indy's baptism. It was so beautiful. On the dress I had been making for her, well, it never got finished. I don't know why I give myself all these extra things to get accomplished. Must be the "supermom do it all" complex I've got going on. She wore the dress Madi Belle wore and really, that is a beautiful gown. It really is. She looked exactly like Madi in the gown! Beautiful!

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