Indy got her ears' pierced

She looks so beautiful! Many people have said when Madi got earrings at 4 months and now with Indy, "how could you pierce ears on such a young baby?". Well, it's my baby! I would say, why do you inject your baby with disease and aluminum at only 2 months? Yes, aluminum is in virtually all vaccines. Why do you mutilate your son's penis at birth?
Getting off track here...anyway, Indigo looks so pretty!!!

Ezrah has been sick the past few days. Gosh, it's so hard to see a 10-year-old sick, but in a way it's really nice to take care of him. He's missing his basketball game today but Jack is playing at his game today. I am a little freaking out because I'm worried about baby catching whatever is going around. When 1 gets sick, they all get sick. We are delaying Indy's vaccinations, if she gets any at all, so I just want to be sure she stays well.
Ezrah's been asking for a cell phone? What the..? he's 10-years old!!! Apparently "everyone" in 4th grade has one. I don't know about this.
My mom & dad left yesterday on a romantic vacation to celebrate their anniversary! They are re-creating their original honeymoon! That is so romantic! I hope they're having a wonderful time! If dan & i tried to re-create our honeymoon, we would be watching tv in a hotel room in Rutland, VT with a 6-month old baby! :)

Indy's up from her nap...gotta go~!

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