Whew! It's Friday! Crazy week it has been since basketball practices has started for the boys. The days have been so full.
So I've decided to make Indigo's christening dress. Madi's gown is so beautiful but I think they should each have their own. Maybe they want to give it to their own daughters one day. Plus I love to sew and have some really cool designs stirring in my mind. I swear if you look at Christening dresses online, they all look the same. I got some Dupioni silk and I found this really cool ribbon that is actually blue! So I'm going to add a little color on the empire waist and the bonnet. It's going to be really beautiful -I just hope that the gown will actually look like the design I drew and what I'm envisioning. I hear Indy through the intercom-gotta go nurse & I promised Dan I would visit him at work this morning, so I better get in the shower. That Indy is so sweet, she doesn't even cry when she wakes from her naps - she's just in there cooing right now! Love that baby!

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