Happy Sunday! Dan's off today and we're geared up to watch some football. I'm making a spiral ham today and hope to find a good recipe for a brown sugar glaze. We're skipping church today, being it starts in 10 minutes and I'm still in my PJs. I have to do a food shopping this morning as Ezrah eats us out of house and home. I always feel bad when he says "Mom, there's no food!". Just to clarify, there is food, we're just out of snacks he can grab by himself. I'm pretty psyched as tomorrow is Ezrah's big spelling bee at his school. If he wins, he'll go to district, then state, then national! We are studying hard!
Both boys start basketball practice next week and I'm kind of dreading all the driving around with the girls. But I'm glad they are keeping busy! Madi wants to start tap dance school and being I started when I was her age, I really want to get her into it. But boy, is dance school expensive these days! She has a pair of tap shoes she wears around the house! I'm going with her on her feild trip on Wed to the fire station! She's pretty excited. Indigo is just doing her thing. Putting stuff in her mouth and being a sweetie. Wish me luck on that spiral ham today.

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