well i cannot believe how busy we were yesterday. At the end of the day I was like burnt crispy toast. Ezrah did amazing at the spelling bee! When he got out there were only like 5 or 6 kids left. And he got out on a bunk word too....scentless. What kind of word is that? Don't we say fragrance free? Honestly though I was absolutely gushing with pride for Ezrah yesterday. And this is why and what I learned...he was a little sad when he got out, but within a minute, he started rooting for his good friend, Thomas (who did win by the way). I realized at that moment that I couldn't be prouder! I mean I was literally crying! He made me so proud to see him cheering for his friend after he got out and after days of studying so hard. If he won the national spelling bee I couldn't imagine being prouder of my son at that moment.
so after that it was about 45m till the bell rang, so I just brought the boys home early from school. By the time we got home, it was eat, then take Jack to basketball practice. That was over after 5 and we headed home. I made tacos for dinner. Got everybody ready for bed, made lunches, cleaned the kitchen, and got in bed by 10. I was beat. It was a busy day. At it again today because Ezrah has basketball today after school.One thing I wanted to mention is some "baby-haters" I encountered when we first got to the spelling bee! Indy made a little fussy sound before it started and some old parents in front of me said "Oh no". And gave me a dirty look. The father was consoling the wife that it would be okay. What, was I supposed to not go to the school spelling bee because Ezrah has a baby sister? I don't think so! She didn't make a peep during the rest of the time, btw. It just reminded me of being on an airplane with a baby. I wanted to just rip into these people, but I am a nice person, so I didn't.  Indy's needing me now so I have to go BF her. I have to clean too and embark on another busy day!

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