I'm Back!

Oh it's good to back! Between my home day care and a computer crash, it's been a little tough to keep up. There's so much to tell. So much to tell. My daughter, Indigo, is 2 and 7 months and walking and talking and still nursing. Madelyn is still a princess and going into the 1st grade...again. Jack is on a computer break and going through some major withdrawals, and Ezrah is a young man, pretty annoying at times which is usual for a 12-year-old, but all around a perfect kid.
I have been sewing a lot. I sold headbands at Widespread Red Rocks and I have tons of beautiful mama skirts to sell! I'll be making breastfeeding covers and mei tai baby carriers. I'll have them all on this site for purchase soon!
Our daycare is small, but  I still feel like a prisoner in my home. Mt organic veggie garden is blowing up! Being I can't really go out with the daycare kids here, I have lots of time to tend to the garden.
Time to make a kick-ass all organic healthy lunch! See you soon. Love you All!

Keep on Nursing, Co-Sleeping, and Wearing you Babies!

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