House Hunting

Just when you think, geez I have nothing good to write in my blog....WHAM! A zillion things happen and I realize that having nothing to write in your blog, is a actually a good thing. So the biggest thing is that last Friday, Dan called the owners of the home we rent to talk about buying the house. Well that conversation did a complete 360 and we have to move out.

They are moving back to Fort Collins. They said we had all the time we need, but it turns out that they are already in town and staying with a mutual friend. So, we are on the Craigslist hunt and let me tell you, it is not really fun. Especially when your minimum requirements are a 4-bedroom because I just had to say one day to Dan, "come on honey, just 1 more".  Not only do we need a 4-bedroom, but I'm pretty picky about our location. I'm trying to turn having to move into a positive and move to where I really want to live in Fort Collins. I'm hoping in Old Town, but the homes available re too small and the 4-bedrooms are rare and for like thousands a month. I'll be happy to live near to the kids school and that's not too far from Old Town, so that's where we are customizing the search. We can't seem to find anything. I wish we could sell the house we do own and just buy a new one. Hey, that's not a bad idea! So simple. I'm going to text Dan right now...

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