Eating Cascade and Ice Cream

So yesterday's photo journal of Princess didn't come out how I hoped as it was a near insane day. I'm talking everything from having to call poison control, vomit, broken eye glasses, and a naked 5-year-old.

Big Boy had a sleepover with his buddy last night and poor Jackie always wants to hang. Big Daddy was working last night so i had to be the ref and it was just crazy. Big Boy doesn't want his little bro to bother him and princess is just all over this poor boy who does not have a little sister or little brother, so he probably thinks our house is totally weird. Exactly what Big Boy tries to avoid. I think when Princess was returning the blanket she stole from them and had it wrapped around her naked body was the highlight. "here's you blanket, boys" as she ripped it from her wearing only NOTHING underneath! Then Jackie was chasing Big Boy and his buddy around the house. jackie was crying because he wanted to hang with the big boys. Jackie, why would they want to hang with you if you are chasing them? Poor Jackie.

Oh and then I was cleaning up after dinner, loading the dishwasher, I turn around and baby Indy puked all over the floor with a Cascade Action Pac in her hand with a nice bite in it. Oh my God. What's the number to poison control? How do I not have that posted on the fridge? I gave her a drink of water which is what it said on the package. It also said "Do Not Induce vomiting". Shit! She just vomited!
I think of that movie "Heathers" when she drank the bleach...and dies! I can't believe I was thinking about the movie "Heathers" at a time like this. I dialed frantically and talked with the nicest lady who assured me she would be fine. She said it happens all the time (that's scary) and she told me there was a 99% chance that she would go through the rest of the night totally fine. And she did.

During the whole thing, it was actually dessert time for the other kids; ice cream. Indy was screaming that she wanted some. It was good that she was being her spunky self, both I and the lady at poison control thought. The lady at PC told me that the Cascade was irritating, so I thought I would give her some ice cream in case her throat hurt. Not that I normally give my 15-month-old ice cream, but this was an emergency. I felt so guilty that I let her eat ice cream right out of the tub while she was sitting on top of the table. I just hope that Indy didn't learn the lesson of "Eat Cascade Action Pac...get ice cream."  

Oh and being I mentioned Big Boy's broken eye glasses, I don't really know the story behind this. In the midst of the Cascade ingestion nightmare, I discovered the glasses in the hallway floor...in two pieces.

I almost forgot about the marinara sauce! How could I forget that! I was cleaning up the playroom so Big Boy and his buddy could settle in and watch a movie. They made mozzarella sticks and the bowl of marinara dipping was on top of the Lego cabinet. I picked up the empty plate, a few empty soda cans (Hansens- no caffiene), and the bowl of sauce and the sauce, the RED sauce i might add, went flying across the room, on all the blankets I just nicely layed out, the carpet and on Big Boy's friend's butt. Fun stuff. More laundry and cleaning. I could blame the boys for not cleaning up, but this was really my fault.

Oh Jeez, what a night. What will today bring? I'm scared! Who says you can't have adventure and excitement without leaving your house?

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