A 24-Hour Chronical of a Princess

Here's what I'm dealing with here...

So, Princess, who loves to dress-up was in 7 different outfits yesterday. I guess I never even realized just exactly how many times Princess changes her clothes until yesterday when I thought it would be fun to count. 
So today I thought I would chronical a 24-hour photo journal of each outfit she wears today and I will be updating it all day, so keep on checking back! I am not telling her i am doing this as to keep her natural flow. I'm just snapping photos of her everytime she gets dressed.                                                 
 8am:  Pajamas

8:15: Dressed for the day. Or so you thought!

9:02am:  Another fancy dress

9:30am: Snow White appears for a late breakfast 
Note: 3 changes and it's only 9:30 in the morning!

2:30pm: Dressed exactly like her Moxi Girl

Note: Her Moxi Girl is an equestrian and I even had to make the 1st place ribbon to match her doll.
She was in her Snow White dress for 6 hours -that's kind of a record! She even wore it out to pick up Big Boy at basketball.

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