My Sweet Tiny Tot, the Fish Killer

Who ever said being a stay-home-mom and housewife was boring? Our sweet baby Indigo has taken the title from Ezrah, who we named "the Destroyer".

I mean, just look at her? This was Indigo at the Tiny Tot parade in downtown Fort Collins this past Wednesday. Would you ever think this cute, sweet little ladybug could be named the destroyer? If only fish could talk...

Most often, her favorite pastime is climbing up on the kitchen table and throwing everything that is on the table, onto the floor. So we've has several broken dishes and bowls lately. Just what we need; a bigger shortage of cereal bowls in this house.

And she has learned how to open the fridge all by herself now. You can just imagine the damage she does with this new found skill.
If only the kitchen floor could talk...
Unfortunately, no one can get into the fridge now.
Oh the fish, Katati (pronounced Ka-tah-tee), our sweet little goldfish who never hurt anyone. Well I was holding little Indigo on my hip and we were walking down the hall on our way to change her diaper, something we do about 10 times a day every day since she was born. So we are walking past the table furniture thing that holds the fish bowl and other pretty knick knacks.
She grabs the top of the fish bowl and in a matter of seconds, I mean there was no stopping it: SMASH!
The beautiful wood floor, freshly mopped and everything, covered in fish water, rainbow pebbles and broken glass. The mess covered the entire front living room floor. So I screamed like a crazy person for Ezrah and Jack to hurry and come and get Indigo before she got hurt on broken glass. God forbid I interrupt a game of Minecraft, but they heard the crash and knew it had to be serious.
Where's  Katati! Our goldfish! Our fishie was a goner, what with glass everywhere and obviously no water. I looked and looked all over the floor, amongst the broken glass and millions of rainbow pebbles for our fishie. And there he was! Flipping and flopping next to a huge piece of broken glass.
I think fish are slimy and gross. I grabbed a cup from the kitchen with water in it and tried to get the fish into the cup by laying the cup down on its side and hopefully scooping the fish with it, so I didn't have to touch it. Of course the way I was doing it was costing poor Katati more and more precious oxygen. He was flipping and flopping all over like crazy.
Finally I just swept the fish really fast with my hand into the sideways cup, only touching the slimy flopper for a split second. And the genius that I am poured the water out in the cup on the floor because I had laid the cup down to sweep the fish in. So he's in the cup, but he's still flopping because there's no water in it. I ran to the sink and put the cup with Katati in it under the faucet and turned on the water. Whew...he's okay. The temperature of the water was God knows what, but Katati was okay.
So now, the floor. How on Earth do I clean this up? However I did it I had to do it fast because there was glass everywhere and water traveling under the couch. I had Ezrah and Jack quarantine Indigo in a bedroom. Towels! Madelyn really wanted to help, so I told her to grab towels and put on shoes. So she comes down the hall with a pile of towels in her arms so high I can't even see her face. She has on her dress-up Cinderella shoes that Grandma Angie got her in Disney world. It was a really cute image.
Somehow after an hour or so,  I got it cleaned up. I texted Dan and told him all this and realized that I completely forgot about changing Indigo's diaper, which was what I was doing in the first place. So Dan says, "Well if you try to kill fish and break fish bowls you just have to sit in a poopie diaper for an hour." This made me laugh, even though it wasn't a poopie diaper. So check out our new fish bowl! I'm sure Katati prefers this Christmas mixing bowl to Jack's chocolate milk cup with an inch full of fresh tap water and I'm sure it's definitely more comfortable than gasping for water around the floor amongst broken glass.
What an evening. Somehow I managed to kick out an awesome dinner too! Let's hope today is less eventful.

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