Does "Kiss" begin with a "K"?

Princess says to me last night, "Mom, a kiss doesn't begin with "K" it begins with a "C". Not sure how to respond to that one, other than she's watching too much TV and that kiss does actually begin with a "K". 

Ok so now it is getting really really close and the excitement is in the air for Christmas! School is out. The snow is falling. The class Christmas parties were great. I did my "rounds" to each class party. Teacher gifts are given, Christmas cards are mailed, Christmas packages are sent, cookies are made, but eaten, so we'll make more today. Christmas is everywhere. Every thought, every TV sitcom, every movie, every commercial reminds us that it's Christmas time. Not that I need any reminders with 4 kids, but it's nice to share in the excitement.

I trying to figure out what to get Big Daddy. I just don't know! I want it to be special for him. He's not a "fix-it" guy, so the regular power tool won't work. I was thinking, okay, what he love. He loves to play basketball. I'd love to get him a gym membership so he can play noon basketball, but his schedule won't allow. He loves his "fantasy" sports, but not sure how I could turn that into a present. My budget is $100. Any ideas?

Uh oh, I hear screaming from the living room between baby and Princess. I better go check it out. The girls woke up ridiculously early today. It's going to be a long day!

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